Couceiro: “Noel has a proposal, we are waiting for an answer”

Antonio Couceiro reviewed the numbers of the Sports in the Shareholders’ Meeting and shortly after it was his turn to respond on football. He was satisfied with what the team has shown so far and talked about the possibility of incorporating footballers in the January market. As for departures, at the moment he assures that no one on the staff has asked him to leave. He also reviewed the situation of two proper names that are in negotiations to renew: Noel and Villares.

Balance: “The evaluation at this stage is difficult to improve. We are leaders with the first men’s and women’s teams. It is an indication that the work is being done well and the philosophy of the project is going well.. We have given tranquility, stability, patience and normality to the environment. With half a year ahead, it is time for sportsmanship to keep the same line. You have to be optimistic, but also prudent and keep working. “

Market: “As Borja Jiménez said, it is difficult to find players who improve what we have. Going to the market or not will be a purely technical question. It has to be evaluated by the technical secretariat and the coach. They will have to analyze it and see the opportunities. Then the Council evaluates the reserve at an economic and feasibility level. Anything that can help us improve will be considered. Abanca has shown total commitment and financial support to achieve the objective as soon as possible. If a market opportunity really arose and it was important for the club to take advantage of it, of course the communication channel with the first shareholder would be open.“.

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Noel: “The club has shown Noel its predisposition for months and what we hear from the other side is that he has the same will. You have a very specific proposal on the table and we are waiting for a When two parties have the same will, everything indicates that an agreement will finally be reached. Noel has a contract until the end of the season. Knowing that there is interest from other clubs, their contractual situation is not the most comfortable for Deportivo, so we would like to resolve it as soon as possible. The club is making a significant financial effort and he understands and assumes the economic reality. Salary would not be a problem. They have to be convinced that the best thing for Noel and for his growth is Deportivo. That events take place that convince him that his best personal and professional project goes through Deportivo. We are convinced that things will turn out well. “

Villares: “He has earned a place in his own right. He already did it last season. He is a player who is gaining the position he has in the squad and we could not be happier. We think that Diego has no other idea in mind other than to play here for many years. And Deportivo has the same idea. The salary compensation offered is subject to performance and may increase with the achievement of realistic milestones that you would achieve with the performance you are giving. As both parties want the same thing, we hope to reach an agreement. “

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