COSMIC the first agency specialized in TikTok

A year and a half after its creation, COSMIC, the Italian startup and official creative partner of the giant TikTok, begins to operate in Spain. Focused on vertical short videos, COSMIC has been created to cover a clear market need: to help companies understand the language that should be used on each social platform, develop the appropriate creative concepts for each of them and, of course, generate quality content for your partners; with its in-house production team and also with the help of different creators.

With the idea of ​​following a similar growth dynamic to the one it has led in its country of origin, Carlos Garcia Encinas takes on the challenge of leading the startup as Country Manager in Spain. With 10 years of experience in different media in Spain, Carlos has worked with both national and international accounts, and has been part of large audiovisual groups such as Atresmedia, and emerging media specialized in social networks with Branded Content as the main product. In his last experience at Freeda Media, Carlos directed the Madrid commercial area. In addition, Carlos has experience as an entrepreneur: he co-founded his own company 4 years ago, and obtained an Executive MBA from IE. His experience to date and his education make him the ideal person to lead this project in Spain.

Eliana Salvi, founder of COSMIC and former TikTok employeecomments: “I am proud and very happy that it is Carlos who is going to guide the COSMIC Spain team. I am sure that it will be even more successful than what we have had in Italy, where in just over a year and a half, we have generated more than 800 videos for TikTok, working with more than 500 creators and managing to bill more than one and a half million. euros”.

It’s COSMIC time

Since its foundation in Italy in 2021, COSMIC’s mission has always been clear: to help companies communicate with society through their social platforms in a more natural, more authentic way. COSMIC arrives at the right time, with the explosion of TikTok and the definitive turn of Instagram towards short video, also followed by the rest of the platforms.

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COSMIC works with all the social platforms that have focused on short vertical videos: TikTok, the platform that has changed the rules of the game and of which COSMIC is an official partner, Instagram Reels, where advertisers have so far placed most of their efforts, with a clear shift to short video, YouTube Shorts, Google’s main commitment to compete in this market, Triller, an emerging app with a different focus but also growing at a very high speed, and Snapchat
Spotlight, which is already present in almost fifteen countries.

Its European partners include advertisers such as Spotify, Estée Lauder, Versace, Pandora, Beiersdorf, GUESS, Xiaomi and L’Oreal.

Nowadays, any communication plan that intends to impact the Z and Millennial generations should consider the Social part as an essential pillar in its strategy, and short vertical videos are the ideal format to connect with these generations in a natural way.” it states Carlos García, representative of the company in Spain.

TikToks are a new form of expression, less institutional and elaborate, which allows brands to dialogue with younger generations speaking their same language. A Totally different language from the one spoken on other platformsand of course, the one they use in other media.

Brands must adapt to this way of communicating if they want to connect with their potential consumers. More and more platforms are using short vertical videos in their communication strategy. The different social platforms are one more channel, through which impact an audience that would be difficult to reach through conventional media.

Virtually all advertisers are already aware that they have to be relevant through their social networks, but most of them still do not know how to use each one of them. Many times the content is duplicated, it is reused on different platforms, thus losing part of the potential that each of them has. New formats on social platforms require a new way of talking to your consumer.

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