Corsica: the FLNC threatens a return to armed struggle

A disturbing threat. The independence and underground group of the Corsican National Liberation Front (FLNC) said Thursday, September 2, that it was considering a return to armed struggle on the island, to oppose “contempt” for the state.

Signed by the FLNC Union of Combatants (FLNC-UC) and the FLNC on October 22 (who respectively laid down their arms in 2014 and 2016), the press release, which Agence France-Presse was able to consult, is accompanied by a video where an individual is surrounded by fifty hooded people, dressed in black and heavily armed.

The man reads: “To the French State, we say clearly that if its policy of contempt continues, we will definitively resume, with probably even more determination than in the past, the paths of the fighting night that we know so well” .

“The FLNC is not intended to give up the fight even though none of the objectives for which it was created have been achieved”, indicates a sentence highlighted in bold in the text of the press release. A passage sounding like a call for mobilization follows: “To those, veterans of the struggle, who practice easy criticism of hiding, we tell them that they remain welcome to resume the fight. In their place. Like before”.

Targeted “French”

The two groups, which had previously claimed responsibility for several attacks in the past, took the opportunity to address many people, from real estate developers to elected officials, to warn them. “Newcomers” are also targeted. “We say this land is not yours. And more particularly to the French who think they are at home in Corsica ”.

The result of the last regional elections, with the victory of the list led by the autonomist Gilles Simeoni, is also strongly criticized. The elected official is accused of having chosen a “hegemony (…) which suggests an undivided governance”. For the first time since 2015 and their accession to the head of the region, the nationalists presented themselves disunited, divided into four lists, during the territorial elections.

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