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Corruption and Transparency

In Spain it is customary to choose a term frequently used during the previous 12 months as the word of the year.

For obvious reasons, vaccine has received the distinction in 2021. In our country, although that word was also mentioned and written assiduously, there are two words that, due to their relevance and habitual use, I think deserve to share the aforementioned award: corruption and transparency.

The complaints, judicial submissions and cases that are heard in different courts, caused us to repeat these words permanently in 2021.

Even more so when its use, generally limited to politics and government, has also permeated sports, an activity that with few exceptions had escaped major questions or relevant accusations of administrative irregularities.

It is true that there have been sports leaders who have been accused of mismanaging the funds under their responsibility and some have even been forced to resign.

However, I do not remember that in the past an issue related to the sports movement has caused such an impact in the media, government bodies and at the level of public opinion, being branded as a possible act of corruption, as has been the issue of travel expenses that supposedly received some leaders for their participation in the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

The complainants argue that there were executives who did not travel to the Japanese capital and that however they were given a diet amounting to several thousand dollars, and that others received an amount of money that did not correspond to the days they spent in Japan performing their jobs. labors.

After a long wait, the Dominican Olympic Committee finally referred to the matter and justified the collection of the emoluments stating that they correspondedto the payment of compensation to leaders and technicians who worked in the organization, preparation and participation of the delegation that attended the Olympics.

Although this argument puts an end to the controversy, which I do not believe, the image of Dominican sport has been affected, after months of complaints from those who aspire to diaphanous and the machinations of others who have wanted to fish in troubled rivers.

We will listen tothe word corruption for a long time, but it must be ensured that cases such as the one at hand, are the exception and not the custom, and that transparency is the word that predominates when someone refers tol use of resources by sports entities. 



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