Correa accepts the total challenge

The arrival of Griezmann to Atlético was the bomb of the market closure and now it is Simeone, his great supporter, who has to manage everything he has in his hands. The general feeling before the 31st was that the team had a powerful attack … and now the Frenchman joins. The starting forward was the one formed by Luis Suárez and Correa, that has grown strong since spring. But after the break, the Argentine will feel the strong pressure of Griezmann and João Félix for taking over his position. The competition is tremendous.

Correa will like more or less among the fans than his forward partners, but the season has started with stripes and goals. The first was won in the final stretch of the last League, for which it ended up being decisive. And it has started this with three goals and one assist in three days. Nobody has ever given him anything at Atleti and he has changed his eternal role of revulsive for that of titularísimo. And now that?

Second point or ram

The current performance puts the Argentine ahead of João Félix and Griezmann, but it is hard to think that these are going to be substitutes, and let’s not say both at the same time. But it is also difficult to see Strap, garter pichichi, relegated to the bench. And there is the puzzle that Simeone has to put together. The 10for example gives you another solution, because can act as a second striker … or even a forward. But then it would be for Suárez, bigger words. And has played a lot on the right, but better in 4-4-2 than in the current system with longer sides.

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Correa has another point in his favor, and that is that he does not lose one. In recent years he has not rotated even for the Cup, and he is barely left out due to penalties and injuries. Last season played 48 games, more than anyone: the 38 in the League, the 8 in the Champions League and the two in the Cup. In this course, and despite starting the preseason with the laggards, just two weeks before the debut in Vigo, he has also started in all three games. Always available.

Simeone’s blessed dilemma

The Argentine is on a roll, João Félix is ​​a bet for the present and the future and Griezmann is the star signing. And there is Cunha too. To the 10 he is not afraid of challenges and this will be the next. And probably the most difficult yet. Last season he already surpassed the Portuguese in the coach’s plans and now starts on pole. From the club they point out that with so many games (there are seven in the League and Champions League in three weeks), the rotations will be necessary and there will be minutes for everyone. But when the bell games arrive, Cholo will have to choose. And Correa raised his hand in April to say ‘here I am’ …

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