Coronavirus: young people massively affected by the 4th wave at the beginning of the school year?

Will the 15 million children and adolescents in the country be on the front lines of this fourth epidemic wave at the beginning of the school year? In any case, this is what a study by the Pasteur Institute suggests, which foresees a dark scenario in September: 50,000 contaminations a day among the youngest. This situation is all the more worrying given that vaccination coverage for those under 18 years of age is the lowest.

These are the most alarmist forecasts of the Institut Pasteur. In September, France could count up to 100,000 daily infections with Covid-19, half of which would affect children and adolescents.

“This is possible because the Delta variant mainly affects unvaccinated people. And among the unvaccinated populations, we will have children and adolescents ”. For other specialists, although children could be more affected by this fourth wave, this modeling of the Institut Pasteur with 50,000 young people infected every day is not the most likely scenario.

It does not take into account the slowdown in pollution that we have been observing for a week, the possible decrease in pollution observed in the United Kingdom, Holland and Portugal, and of course especially the state of vaccination of the population. , despite everything, the proportion of children among the contaminations could be high ”.

And the higher the number of contaminations, the more the number of serious forms can increase. For several days in the UK, hospitalizations for children have risen 24% under the boost of the Delta variant.

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