Coronavirus in Spain: reopening of restaurants, bars and museums

Almost all regions of Spain are opening their restaurants and shopping centers to allow the economy to breathe for a while. Some Madrilenians take the opportunity to stroll.

Two hours from the capital, in Vera, Carla prepared everything in her cafe to receive visitors who came to spend the weekend in Madrid. Chorizo, ham and goat cheese are served as tapas on the terraces where the first tourists are already gathering.

Carla is overjoyed: “We see that there are more people since they opened partitioning by region. People decide to move, have fun, it’s good for everyone and then loneliness is not for us”, she said.

Antonio and Marissa, a couple in their 60s, decided to go for a walk after weeks in jail in Madrid. “We haven’t been out for a long time, we are going to have lunch at the parador’s restaurant, the food is excellent”, says Marissa. Gastronomy is on the program, but also cultural visits that work with a certain share of visitors.

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