Coronavirus gene increases risk of death

British experts have discovered a gene that increases the risk of death in patients with COD 19. This gene doubles the risk of death in COD patients under 60 years of age.

According to the international website, medical experts have discovered a gene inside the human body that could potentially increase the risk of death and failure of lung function in patients with code 19.

The results of the Oxford University study suggest that some people have a higher incidence of the disease than others.

Research has shown that this version of the gene is located in the region of the chromosome, which doubles the risk of death in cod patients under 60 years of age.

According to research, this specific gene LZTFL1 works to regulate the activity of other genes and is also part of the lung cell’s response to viruses.

This type of gene also helps the virus to attach to the cells of the respiratory tract and lungs. Experts say the gene does not affect the immune system, which works to make antibodies to fight disease.

He added that people who have this type of gene have a normal response to vaccines.

Experts say the results show that the lung’s response to the disease is crucial, especially since most treatments now focus on changing the immune system’s response to the virus. ۔

Dr Ragheb Ali of Cambridge University says that although there are several factors that increase the risk of code 19, people with this type of gene have a higher risk of dying from the disease.

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Another medical expert, Dr. Simon Bedi, said that although the study provided adequate evidence for the possible role of the gene, more research was needed to confirm the discovery.


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