Coronavirus: First two cases of new strain identified in Canada

Ontario health officials recorded first two cases of contamination by the new coronavirus strain detected in the UK. “The latter are a couple from Durham who have no history of travel, exposure (to the virus) or high-risk contacts”, said Saturday, December 26, the Health Department of this central Canadian province. The two patients were were placed in isolation.

The same day, containment came into force for several weeks in this province, in order to contain a strong acceleration of the Covid-19 epidemic. Nationally, Canada order on Wednesday the extent of the suspension of British connections until January 6. A health measure that aims to “protect” the population and “prevent this new variant from spreading” in the country, said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.


The deputy head of local health officials, Dr. Barbara Yaffe, said the discovery of these first two infections “reinforces the need for the people of Ontario stay home as much as possible and continue to respect public health instructions, in particular containment measures”.

Ontario’s refurbishment, which has a population of 14 million, will take 28 days in the south of the province and 14 days in the north. In total, Canada deplores 14,700 pandemic victims and more than 534,000 cases of coronavirus.

The first cases of this new strain of the virus were identified in other countries this week: contamination has been reported in France, Germany, Lebanon, Sweden, Spain, Japan, Italy and Denmark.

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