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Coronavirus: a teacher suspended because she refuses to wear her mask in class

Coronavirus: a teacher suspended because she refuses to wear her mask in class

A teacher from Sonia-Delaunay college in Gouvieux, in the Oise, has been suspended for a week. Although being vaccinated, Anne-Claire Rossignol refuses to continue wearing her sanitary mask in class, which she justifies for educational reasons.

“I do a job of transmission, to learn, you (his students) need emotions, and I believe that I use them in my lessons, but it is not possible with the mask. I want my students to see me, it’s a primary need ”, alerted the French teacher in a video, shared on his Youtube channel, which has since been erased.

Anne-Claire Rossignol does not hesitate to qualify the wearing of the mask as “harmful for learning” and wishes that “new measures be taken”. According to her, “the teaching profession must be recognized as a profession exempt from masks, in the same way as TV presenters or lawyers, for example”.

After trying to establish a dialogue around this issue by sending letters to the rectorate, as well as to the Minister of National Education, the teacher decided to take action.

Last October, the 45-year-old teacher said she warned her hierarchy of her intention “to teach without a mask, to teach fully”. Without a response from them, on November 8, she therefore presented herself without a mask in front of her students, on which date she was also informed of her suspension by the National Education.

“It is not an administrative sanction”

Asked by The Parisian, the rectorate of Amiens specifies “that it was suspended as a precaution and that it is not an administrative sanction”. The teacher, however, will have to go to the rectorate on November 15 to explain her gesture and “continue the dialogue undertaken by her hierarchy”, with the human resources department.

However, it seems clear that the rectorate will have no other choice than to enforce the health protocol by asking Anne-Claire Rossignol to wear her mask. She risks being removed from the civil service if she goes to the disciplinary council. “I will surely be replaced, I ask you to invest yourself with the person who will replace me” she recommends to her students.

As a reminder, the Ministry of National Education recalled that wearing a mask is an essential element in the fight against Covid-19, and made it again compulsory in all primary schools from Monday, November 15, to try to curb the fifth wave of infection.

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