Coronado wins in Master A in the third stage of the Classic Triple 100

José Coronado conquered this Sunday the third stage in the Master A category of the ClassicTriple 100of cycling, an event that was successfully held in the Mirador del Sur-

Together with Coronado they reached a place on the podium Eliecer Quiñonez, Roberto Rosario, Len Faña and Walter Ortega in the different categories of the third date of the important international cycling event. 

Coronado, representative of the Monteros / V2C team, won the main honors in the highest category after completing the tour of the100kilometers in two hours: 26 minutes and 37 seconds, which surpassed Nortlon Sánchez, from Hamakan Sports, Kelvin Suriel, from AC Training and Ramón Adames, from Drinks Team, who arrived at 3 seconds.

On his side, Quiñones, from Montero / V2C, came out with flying colors in the Master B and covered the distance in time of 2:27; 19, with which he surpassed Jorge Mila, from EDA Cycling Team, Leonardo Marquez, from the same team and Juan Suarez, from JS Cycle. 

In master C, Rosario won, who competes for the Poco Force Road Team and timed a time of 2:43; 10, with Narciso Cornielle, from Drinks Team, occupying second place, Ramón Fernández, from Team Montecci was third and Juan de Jesús Figueroa, also from this team, finished fourth.

Likewise, Leonardo Faña returned to be master and lord in category D when he finished with a time of 3:10; 07, representing AC Training, the second step was for Cirilo Toribio, from Team Montecci, Francisco Muñoz, from Cocuyos, he closed in third and Santiago Castillo, from Santino Cycling Team, was fourth.

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In the Recreativa, the main palm groves went to Walter Ortega, from HCT, who timed a time of 2:41; 31, the second rung was occupied by Yoniel Guzmán, from Mortero V2C, Virgilio Cruz occupied the third, from Escuadraría BMC, Jeancarlos Rodríguez was fourth.


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