Corona virus a biological weapon? US intelligence report leaked

Washington: A report by US intelligence agencies regarding the biological weapon of the corona virus has come to light.

The United States has said that the possibility of using the corona virus as a biological weapon is highly unlikely. The US intelligence community has said that the corona virus is unlikely to be used as a biological weapon.

After a 90-day investigation into the source of the corona virus, US intelligence agencies have compiled a report and submitted it to US President Joe Biden, part of which has been made public.

The investigation by 18 organizations from the US intelligence community concluded that the virus emerged after November 2019, was not developed as a biological weapon, and that Chinese authorities did not know about it before the initial outbreak. Were

On the other hand, US President Joe Biden had said in a statement that we will not sleep until we find the roots of the Corona epidemic that has caused the loss of millions of lives in the United States.


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