Corona re-entered, revealing 174,000 patients

PYONGYANG: The global corona virus epidemic has resurfaced in various parts of the world, causing a wave of concern among governments in the face of economic woes.

North Korea confirmed the outbreak of the corona virus for the first time in the country on Friday, confirming 21 new deaths and showing signs of the virus in another 174,400 people.

Rudong Sunman, a member of the ruling Workers’ Party, told the media that Kim Jong Un was given details of the contagious disease on Saturday.

The report states that from late April to Friday, the number of people with symptoms of fever has reached 524,400. The population of North Korea is approximately 25.7 million.

According to the newspaper, more than 280,000 people are undergoing treatment and 27 have died.

In the meeting, Mr. Kim described the situation as a great crisis after becoming a country and expressed immediate concern.

He said that it was important to review the anti-virus measures implemented in developed countries. He instructed the authorities to learn from China’s effective results and expedite the process.

North Korea formally confirmed the first outbreak of the corona virus in its country on Thursday and said it would increase its anti-epidemic system to an emergency level, with Mr Kim ordering all cities and counties to be locked down. Is.

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