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Corona explains the “reconstruction” of Valencia

Corona explains the "reconstruction" of Valencia

Michelangelo Crown participated in Madrid in the event ‘LaLiga Clubs Meeting’ promoted by ‘La Liga Impulso’ with journalists from international media. There, in the company of Marian Mouriño, CEO of ‘Galicia 360’ on behalf of Celta de Vigo, and Andoni Moreno, sponsorship director of Atlético de Madrid, the technical director spoke of the “reconstruction” of Valencia, which has in the figure of Gennaro Gattuso its fundamental pillar.

Crown, in statements collected by Goal.comone of the international media invited and present at the event, praised the figure of Gattuso and also that of Edinson Cavani, a strategic signing. The technical director, to whom the president Layhoon Chan has given a visibility that she had not had in the previous three years, drew a “Valencia of the future” speaking of “reconstruction” and pointing to how this starting point was reached.

From the “perfect storm” to long-term “rebuilding”

“We want to focus on the Valencia of the future, on the reconstruction that we have designed. The pandemic came the same year and then we were left out of the Champions League and the next edition, something that was a perfect storm, it was hard for us and we got into a delicate economic situation, but we are trying to rebuild ourselves, but always through pitch, in a long-term model.

From that point on, Corona focused his exposition on Gattuso: “The figure of our coach is key, a man with experience, character and a winning mentality, capable of getting us where we want. We are changing the style of play and the mentality. For him, drawing is not an option. Gattuso is a fundamental pillar because “we have a team that is the youngest in the League and Gattuso is key to working with these guys. The objective is to develop that mentality to be economically sustainable and grow, changing through what happens on the pitch.”

“The figure of our coach is key, a man with experience, character and a winning mentality, capable of getting us to where we want”

Michelangelo Crown

“We made a great start to the competition with Gattuso and we are trying to recover the communion with the fan. Gattuso is a leader, a winner, a draw is not in his vocabulary, he is developing a very attractive style of play, which has nothing to do with what he was as a player. That style is hooking a lot with our fans, ”Corona continued, as collected by Goal.com.

Corona, after recounting what the incorporation of Gattuso has meant, focused on the summer market. “To rebuild the team, the market was key. We had to adjust the economic control regulations of LaLiga, but that has also been key to balancing the economy of the clubs. And after adjusting, we worked in harmony with the largest shareholder, the president and the coach, to choose profiles of players who had the necessary talent for Valencia and entered the financial regulations of LaLiga.

The feeling of belonging to the Academy

The technical director, in turn, stressed the importance of the Valencia Academy in this “reconstruction”. “It is a vital part on which we want to rebuild the club. We have been recognized as one of the academies with the best projection. We take care that in our team there is a very high component of players who have grown in our academy because they give us a sense of belonging and community that the fan demands of us. You have to have players who have experienced that feeling so as not to disconnect from the fans”, commented Corona, who welcomed the renewal of Gayà (“I hope he ends up being a ‘one club man’ in Valencia”) and the possibility that “ up to four trained players” in the Valencia academy can complete Luis Enrique’s squad for the Qatar World Cup.

Corona, in an act that was attended by the communication director of LaLiga, Joris Evers, gave explanations to journalists from the media in Morocco, England, Indonesia, India, China, the Philippines, the United States, Mexico, Brazil , Canada and Columbia.

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