Schools must remain open even if new corona rules are introduced. That’s what members of the OMT say. This is a group of corona experts who advise the government.

The corona virus in the Netherlands has been getting worse in the last few weeks. There are many infections and many people are in hospital. It is therefore possible that stricter measures will be introduced again.

But schools must then remain open, experts say. When schools are closed, children are less able to learn.

Follow the rules

The experts further say that adults should better abide by the rules. For example, test if you have complaints and keep one and a half meters away. That often does not go well and as a result more people become infected.

Prime Minister Rutte said yesterday that there is a good chance that extra measures will be taken if people do not comply with the rules.

Press conference

The next corona press conference is scheduled for December 3. If necessary, the press conference will be a few days earlier.


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