Corona Certificate: Two Foreigners Arrested in Saudi Arabia

According to the details, the citizens of Bahrain had presented a fake Corona test certificate to enter Saudi Arabia via the King Fahd Bridge. Both defendants have been sentenced to one year in prison each.

According to the Bahrain news agency, citizens of Bahrain were detained on their way to Saudi Arabia via the King Fahd Bridge on suspicion that the initial investigation revealed that their Corona test certificates were false.

Later, when the authorities reviewed the certificate, it was proven to be a forgery and was sent to a criminal court. Both Bahraini citizens have been sentenced to one year in prison each for forgery.

In this regard, the head of the Public Ministry told the media that altering the Corona Test report is a serious crime punishable by up to ten years in prison under Bahrain law.

According to the lesson’s website, the Saudi authorities informed Bahraini citizens that they were about to arrive in the kingdom with a fake Corona proof certificate.

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