Corona cases rise despite curfew in India

New Delhi: Cases of the deadly corona virus, a deadly global epidemic in India, have risen alarmingly, with the number of patients continuing to rise despite the curfew.

According to the details, despite the weekend curfew in the Indian capital, corona cases have increased. According to Indian media, 22,751 new corona cases were reported in New Delhi alone.

Indian media says that so far the spread of the new Corona variant Omicron has increased across the country, due to which 159,000 cases were reported in one day.

Corona cases on the rise in India

According to media sources, more than 300 New Delhi Police personnel have also confirmed the corona virus, while more than 44,000 new cases of corona have been reported in the Indian state of Maharashtra.

In the last 24 hours alone, corona test reports of more than 24,000 citizens in West Bengal alone have come positive.

With so many cases of corona, India’s already inadequate healthcare system is under severe pressure and the capacity of hospitals to accommodate patients has dwindled while hospitals are facing shortage of vital supplies including oxygen. Is.

Two days before the incident, 24 patients on a ventilator were killed in an oxygen leak at a hospital in Nashik, Maharashtra.


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