Córdoba achieves a draw against the European champion

Distribution of points between Córdoba, a World Heritage Site, and Barça (2-2) in a match where the current leader of the leagueThe reigning European champion reached the halfway point of the second half ahead on the scoreboard, but the local push served to tie up a point in the search for the First Division title phase. A match that started frantically, knowing that Córdoba Patrimonio had to win in order not to move away from the ‘play off’ positions, while Barça had the objective of maintaining its positive dynamics and establishing itself in the first position of the category.

For this reason, and encouraged by their fans, the Green and Whites started the match dominating and reaching the Marc Feixas goal with some ease through Viana. Meanwhile, the azulgrana team also wanted to get rid of the initial pressure and Povil warned in the first instance of what could happen with a good shot that was repelled down by Alfonso Prieto. Even so, and despite the equality that reigned in the middle of the first half, Zequi scored the first for Córdoba and managed to get the Andalusian team to go for more, although Feixas again held his team under the sticks.

However, when the visiting team was worse off, Jesús Velasco’s men managed to turn the electronics around in the final stretch of the first half thanks to goals from Dyego and Adolfo just before the buzzer Vista Alegre Palace signaled the end of the first 20 minutes. After going through the changing rooms, the visitors came out knowing that they had to maintain the result, although without taking their eyes off the visiting goal, but the locals returned to the track with one more march. In fact, the boys led by Josan González brushed the tie on numerous occasions through Saura, Viana and Shimizu, but the good performance of Freixas and the crossbar prevented this tie from coming earlier than expected.

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So much so that the Japanese Shimizu returned the tables to the marker in the equator of this second period thanks to a great pass by the historic Miguelín, causing the assembled public to explode with joy. Once the tie was achieved, Córdoba, a World Heritage Site, deployed goalkeeper-player in search of victory, but it did not serve to move the scoreboard and both teams shared the points in a fast-paced match.

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