Copymecon announces Banreservas supports the MiPymes construction sector with legal reserve funds

The Dominican Confederation of Micro, Small and Medium Construction Companies Inc. (Copymecon), informed the sector of micro, small and medium construction and related companies and the general population that their proposals have been considered by the Banreservas, who has arranged a special item to grant loans to MiPymes.

“We announced that the executives of Banco de Reservas called us to give us the news that they had considered our proposals and made the decision to enable specialized resources with soft interests for small construction and related companies”, expressed Cristopher.

The Copymecon executives congratulated the Government and Samuel Pereyra, general manager, and Isidro García, deputy business manager of the Banco de Reservas, for approaching the institution to provide information on the measure in favor of small construction companies, assuring that This marks the beginning of the takeoff of the sector to continue contributing to the development of the country. Therefore, Juan B. Mora, vice president of Copymecon and president of Apymecona (Azua), expressed that “yes” said offer materializes, we would be at the forefront of the takeoff of the construction sector and the growth and promotion of the economy, in addition to impact the housing deficit and other social scourges that impede the development of the nation.

Cristopher concluded that the members of the entity throughout the country have received the Banreservas announcement with joy and great enthusiasm and have immediately begun to prepare their funding request documents to undertake the revitalization of the economy and the construction of projects. in their demarcations.

Representatives from different provinces of the country were present at the press conference to publicize the information, such as members of the association of young entrepreneurs, women builders and entrepreneurs, among others.

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