Independiente and Atlético Tucumán faced each other in Jujuy to settle the ticket to the round of 16 of the Argentine Cup. At the 23 de Abril Stadium in northern Argentina, the show delivered various curiosities, such as the striking black clothing on the Avellaneda team or the presence of the idol of Rojo, Lucas Pusineri (a fundamental piece in the team that won the last local title in 2002 ) on the bench of substitutes for the Dean.

As the lawsuit progressed, the intensity of the protagonists was diluted until forming a poor encounter devoid of emotions.

Isnaldo had to enter instead of Lotti to bring a little danger to Sebastián Sosa. The striker managed on more than one occasion to demand the Uruguayan goalkeeper, who demonstrated his solvency on the complicated pitch. The spikes of the ball represented the greatest risk for the former Vélez and Boca.

Independiente once again had greater ambition when his rival was left with one less. The expulsion of Nicolás Thaller fueled the desires of Rojo, who with numerical superiority were encouraged to go to the area defended by Carlos Lampe.

What was striking was that Atlético Tucumán had the clearest opportunity to open the scoring in the closing match. It was in a foot at the hands of Isnaldo against Sosa that the goalkeeper won with authority. Undoubtedly, his performance allowed the cast of Avellaneda to keep the zero, and in an isolated action full of rebounds and faulty clearances, Cazares gave the Buenos Aires team the victory with a violent shot that crashed into the post and entered from the side of the network.

Domínguez’s team won without brilliance, but managed to seal the tickets to the round of 16. His next stop will be against Vélez Sarsfield.


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