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COP27 must ‘reset ambition’ to save the planet, says UN

COP27 must 'reset ambition' to save the planet, says UN

The Secretary General of the UN, António Guterres, trusted this Thursday that the next climate summit (COP27) will serve to "rebuild trust and restore the ambition needed" to save the planet from the permanent and catastrophic effects of global warming.

"COP27 must lay the groundwork for much faster and more decisive climate action now and in this crucial decade, when the global climate fight will be won or lost."Guterres told reporters at the organization’s headquarters. The meeting, which starts this Sunday in Egypt, comes at a time when greenhouse gas emissions continue to grow at record levels and temperatures continue to rise, with the world falling far short of the goals set in the Paris Agreement.

"That means our planet is on its way to reaching tipping points. that will make climatic chaos irreversible and that there will be a catastrophic increase in temperature forever"Guterres explained. The head of the United Nations insisted that it is time to "urgently increase ambition" and also the "confidence" between North and South.

"It is time for a historic pact between developed and emerging economies", pointed out the Portuguese, who said that this agreement must include additional efforts by rich countries to reduce emissions and more financial and technical aid for developing countries to accelerate their energy transition. In addition, he trusted that COP27 will produce concrete results on "loss and damage"the term under which measures are discussed to assist the countries hardest hit by meteorological disasters -such as hurricanes or floods- and by the slower effects of the climate crisis -such as long droughts or rising sea levels-.

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