COP26: what results six years after the Paris agreement?

December 12, 2015 marked a historic date: the signing of the Paris Agreement by 195 States in order to fight against global warming. Yet almost six years after the fact, announcements seem to have taken precedence over concrete measures, resulting in worsening global warming.

The 2015 Hope Note resulted in a largely insufficient global political and climate record according to experts. The measures implemented by each member country of the Paris Agreement have been limited and funding for the poorest nations has not been sufficient to reverse the trend.

“Today, we are really in a context of climate emergency. Since COP21, countries have presented national climate plans. The problem is that ambition is insufficient according to a UN report published in 2021 ”, regretted Armelle Le Comte, specialist in climate and energy issues for Oxfam France, in an interview with CNEWS.

“By taking all the national plans of the various states, we are on a 2.7 degree warming trajectory, therefore very far from the objective set by the Paris Agreement of limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees . For the moment, the account is not there and no country really respects the Paris Agreement ”, continued the expert.

Insufficient actions by developed countries

In fact, some nations have made an effort on the subject, starting with eleven members of the G20, responsible for 80% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Like Japan and the countries of the European Union, a strong commitment has been made: that of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. Even China, the source of heavy pollution, is ‘is pronounced on this subject, setting the goal of carbon neutrality by 2060.

Conversely, the United States left the Paris Agreement with the election of Donald Trump. But the arrival of Joe Biden in 2021 suggests better prospects. The latter expressed his wish to reinstate the agreement made at COP21. The American head of state wants to respond to this problem, in particular by setting up a Green New Deal at the national level.

A direct environmental impact

It must be said that the urgency is felt. Numbering 820 in 2019, extreme weather events have increased by 20% in five years, according to data from Oxfam France.

The organization highlighted another worrying phenomenon: 24.8 million people had to be displaced in 2019 due to natural disasters, jumping this figure by 30% in five years.

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