Coordinated International Efforts: Spanish Authorities Join Forces to Enhance Paris Counter-Terrorism Measures

Security Deployment for Paris 2024 Olympic Games Intensified

More than 300 agents from the National Police and the Civil Guard are set to participate in the security deployment for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, which aims to address the jihadist threat and ensure citizen security. According to reports, the National Police and Civil Guard will send specialists to the French capital, following the series of jihadist attacks in Paris in 2015.

Intensified Coordination Efforts

The coordination between anti-terrorist forces in Spain and France has been strengthened in recent months, with the hypothesis that jihadist groups will attempt to carry out attacks in Paris. The FBI is also collaborating in these efforts, having foiled several plots to recruit and prepare terrorists.

Spanish Security Agents Gain Global Recognition

In addition to these efforts, Spain will also send agents of the Police Intervention Units (UIP), specializing in the security of large events. These highly respected agents are sought after worldwide, with many countries dispatching their own specialists to Spain to train and learn from them. In fact, 25 UIP agents are currently deployed at the European Championships in Germany, where they ensure the safety of borders, critical infrastructure, and manage crowds during Spanish National Team matches.

Historic Deployment of Spanish Police Intervention Units

Never before have agents from the Police Intervention Units (UIP) been deployed outside Spain with full executive capacities, uniform, and weapons. They will intervene if necessary, marking a significant escalation in Spanish security efforts.

Total Security Deployment

In total, 171 members of the police and 142 members of the Civil Guard will be deployed for the security deployment.

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Initial Coordination Role, with Potential for Direct Action

Initially, Spanish specialists will be part of the coordination centre, but it is possible they may participate in direct actions.

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