DRS controversy: A strange drama was seen in the match between Mumbai Indians (MI) and Chennai Super Kings (CSK). In fact, on the second ball of the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) inning, the referee ruled Devon Conway out of BPN. The umpire raised his finger after Daniel Sams’ ball hit Devon Conway’s bag. Devon Conway was not happy with the referee’s decision and wanted a review. But they were told that he can’t take the review. Actually, the reason the hotfix is ​​not available was attributed to a technical issue. The referee said that there is a technical fault on the ground, so the review is not available at this time.

‘Devon Conway wouldn’t have been out if DRS had been available’

<p style="text alignment: justify;"After which, Chennai Super Kings (CSK) starter Devon Conway had to return to the pavilion. At the same time, Devon Conway's teammate Rituraj Gaikwad spoke to the referee about the no-strike. During this, Mumbai Indians (MI) captain Rohit Sharma also joined the conversation. On the other hand, Devon Conway slowly returned to the pavilion with steps. In fact, it was clearly visible in replays that the ball was missing the stump of his leg. Had that review been available, Devon Conway would have avoided leaving. The DRS drama didn't stop here, but was also seen in the next one.

DRS was not available due to technical failure

<p style="text alignment: justify;"Jasprit Bumrah came to pitch the second inning for Chennai Super Kings (CSK). Jasprit's ball hit Robin Uthappa's bag. After which the referee declared out. After being ruled out, batsman Robin Uthappa wanted to review, but even then the review was not available. However, it was clearly visible in the replays that the ball hit the wicket. In such a situation, even if Robin Uthappa had taken the review, he would have been declared out. That is, this time the referee's decision was absolutely correct. At the same time, the 10-ball review also became available after the dismissal of Robin Uthappa. It is said that this happened due to a power outage in the stadium. At the time of launch, the power supply to a lighting tower stopped. However, after some time, this problem was fixed.

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