Controversy unnecessarily arose over Lal Singh Chaddha, why is Aamir with PK remembering after 8 years?

A new trend of boycotting Bollywood movies has started. If a big movie is coming, even before it is released, there is a demand for a boycott on social media. Sometimes there is an accusation of hurting religious feelings and sometimes a war breaks out on that celebrity’s statement. It cannot happen that a great film is released without any entertainment. Something similar has happened with Aamir Khan’s film Laal Singh Chaddha. Aamir Khan’s film Lal Singh Chaddha was released in theaters and also became the target of trolls. A few days before the premiere of the film, there was a boycott demand on social networks. However, this time Aamir did nothing to cause such a stir on social media to boycott his film. Let us tell you why there has been so much controversy about this movie.

Aamir Khan’s Laal Singh Chaddha is the Hindi remake of the Hollywood movie ‘Forrest Gump’. It took 14 years to make this movie. Aamir told in an interview that Atul Kulkarni had asked him to remake this film in the year 2008. Since then, it took Aamir 14 years to complete the film to buy the film rights and shoot. It is not easy for any filmmaker to spend so much time on a film. Kareena Kapoor, Mona Singh and Naga Chaitanya have been seen playing major roles alongside Aamir in Laal Singh Chaddha. It’s done, now we know the controversy over the boycott of the film.

Ever since Aamir Khan started promoting Laal Singh Chaddha, he hasn’t made any such statement, so people’s feelings should be hurt or there might be a chance to boycott the movie. The reason behind the boycott of Aamir’s film is 8 years old. Yes, this is not a matter of now, but it is a matter of 8 years, so Aamir is now suffering. Aamir had said in an interview in 2015 that his ex-wife Kiran Rao is afraid to live in her own country due to the growing intolerance in India. After this statement, Aamir was called a traitor and was also heavily trolled. Before that, Aamir’s movie ‘PK’ came in the year 2014. After which the actor was accused of insulting Hindu deities. Although it made no difference to the movie’s box office, the film turned out to be a huge success.

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If seen, there is nothing in Lal Singh Chaddha, which is why the demand for a boycott of this film has arisen. It is wrong to demand a boycott of the film adding to Aamir’s old statements. Although Aamir had already cleared everything up regarding his statement, he has still created controversy by unnecessarily boycotting the film. Aamir recently spoke about the boycott while promoting the film. He said: ‘If I’ve hurt someone’s heart with something, then I’m sad about it. I don’t want to hurt anyone’s heart. To those who do not want to see the film, I am going to respect that thing and what can I say, but I would like more and more people to see the film, we have made a film with a lot of effort. I’m not just in the movie, the movie that is made is made with the hard work of hundreds of people, I hope people like it.

Movies are made to entertain the audience. It is wrong to associate them with any religion, caste or personal statements of that actor. In the current era, there is an immediate demand to boycott movies by linking them with religious sentiments. Looking at what religion an actor belongs to, hardly anyone goes to the cinema to see a movie. People are going to see his acting, his character and the nature of the movie. For this reason, even after the boycott demand came up, people will watch Aamir’s Lal Singh Chaddha and like it. Although this boycott definitely affects the box office of the film.

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