Controversial goal by Japan: They affirm that the ball was inside the field of play by 1.88 millimeters

The Controversy and astonishment took over the scene in the goal that Japan converted, which allowed them to advance to the round of 16 as leaders of Group E of the Qatar 2022 World Cupand this friday an image was released confirming that the ball did not leave the field of play by 1.88 millimeters.

By less than 2 millimeters the referee validated the goal that made the match 2 to 1 final against Spain and, in this way, the team led by Luis Enrique came second in the group, while Germany was once again eliminated in the group stage, the same as in Russia 2018.

Although the goal generated controversy and questions about the function of VAR and technology, the reality is that it was validated because the ball did not leave the field of play in its entirety. “In Japan’s goal, I was inside by 2 mm, that is, a little more than 0.28% of the ball was in and 99.72% was out“, Bernardo Koleszár, arbitrator and Secretary of the Industry and Sports Commissions of the Senate, explained on social networks.

It is important to note that in this World Cup the balls have the latest technology and many wondered about the image disseminated on social networks. where it is seen that several soccer balls were being loaded before a game.

This is done because the ball, Called “Al Rihla” by FIFA, it has a chip inside that allows analyzing all the events of the match, such as what happened with Japan.

This controversial fact that generated surprise throughout the world, led to LIonel Scaloni, coach of the Argentine National Team, will speak about it this Friday at a press conference. “I think that the first images of the ball from Japan and Spain are eloquent. We live it and it is really difficult to digest, especially because it is a very new thing and it is implemented in a World Cup. It is what it is and it is for everyone, but draw the lines with a set square, so they don’t get twisted”said.

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Scaloni had already expressed some anger with the handling of the VAR when it was confirmed that Lautaro Martínez was enabled in the goal that could have given the Argentine team the victory against Saudi Arabia where the selected albiceleste lost by 2 to 1.

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