Controversial crypto project enjoys great popularity in Argentina

A little over a month ago, Worldcoin joined the crypto landscape. Crypto news is now awash with ChatGPT founder Sam Altman’s controversial crypto project. The unique project aims to verify human authenticity through iris scans; something that many crypto enthusiasts feel is a step too far. Argentina seems to see things differently, as the number of applications is exploding here.

Worldcoin explosion in Argentina

With the so-called probbery of personality project you can create a digital ID that is linked to the properties of your iris. With an included iris scanner called the Orb, you can have your iris scanned to save the era artificial intelligence (AI). It should distinguish humans from artificial intelligence.

Once users have verified their humanity, they are given a “world ID” that can be incorporated into future applications to prove they are not a bot or AI program.

Worldcoin received heavy criticism from privacy advocates immediately after its launch on July 25. Critics claimed it was too centralized and could easily leak the biometrics, causing negative consequences for users.

Worldcoin revealed the project’s popularity in Argentina through a post on X, formerly known as Twitter, on Aug. 31. It stated that there were more than 9,500 new registrations in one day in August. To achieve this feat, the presenters mounted the participants at an average speed of less than 9 seconds per person. It was also a record for the number of new users in one day.

According to the project’s website, there are moderators in 38 different locations in the South American country. Most locations are in Buenos Aires, the country’s capital.

The massive surge in signups also temporarily made the Worldcoin app the most popular app on the Argentinian app store.

WLD crypto

As mentioned earlier, you can get WLD tokens by proving you’re human or by having your iris scanned. After that, all you have to do is log in to the Worldcoin app.

Currently, the sign-up bonus is equivalent to 25 WLD, which is worth about 10,239.49 Argentine pesos (ARS) or US$29.25. Accordingly Events On the cost of living travel website Expatistan, this is enough to buy two meals from the “simple lunch menu” in the business districts of major cities in Argentina.

On the day of its launch, the coin hit an all-time high and the 25 WLD bonus equaled ARS 23,791 or $68.

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