Content infringement, billions of rupees fine on Google

Moscow: Russia has fined Google 98 98 million for infringing on its content.

According to a report by a foreign news agency, a Russian court has fined Google 98 98 million for violating the country’s rules.

Russian court fines for repeated failure to delete content

Google, on the other hand, says the content was not specified by Russia, and will look into court documents to decide what to do next.

It should be noted that the number one award was snatched from Google, the world’s largest and most searched website, and was replaced by Tik Tak.

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According to a report released by CloudFlare, a well-known technology security company in the United States, the domain (web address) of the video sharing website TikTak has become the world’s leading Google after beating Google.

Google was ranked No. 1 in 2020, followed by Facebook and TikTak at number seven.

Remember that in July this year French Competitive Institutions Had fined US technology company Google 500 million euros (9.41 billion Pakistani rupees).

The French competition body had warned Google that if it failed to submit a proposal within two months stating how it would pay publishers and news agencies for its content, it would pay 900,000 euros a day. There will be a penalty accordingly.


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