Construction of ‘Suspension Bridge’ connecting Europe and Asia completed

ANKARA: Turkish authorities have built the world’s largest suspension bridge connecting the continent of Asia and Europe.

According to foreign media reports, the inauguration dates of the suspension bridge to be built on the Strait of Dardanelle in the Turkish city of Chanak Fort will be announced soon.

Turkish officials say the world’s largest suspension bridge, built at a cost of ارب 3 billion, is 4.6 kilometers long.

According to the report, the construction of the bridge started in March 2017, which was to be inaugurated three months ago, however, the construction of the bridge was delayed due to the epidemic situation in Corona.

The report states that the height of the two high towers built to support this bridge is 318 meters while the distance between one pillar and the other is 2023 meters.

The reason why the distance between the pillars of the bridge is 2023 meters is that in 2023 the Republic of Turkey will celebrate its 100th anniversary.

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