The international organization exposed the network targeting Sikhs and revealed that the ideology of distribution was being spread on social media through fake accounts of Sikhs.

According to the details, the conspiracy to target Sikhs through social media was exposed in India, the international organization exposed the network targeting Sikhs.

The Center for Information Resilience said in a report that Indian networks created fake accounts of Sikhs on social media, after which an attempt was made to split their statements in order to crush the Sikh liberation campaign.

The purpose of the network was to liberate Sikhs, to change the perception of values, so far 80 such accounts have come to light through which the rights of Sikhs have been affected and Hindu nationalist ideology has been spread.

According to the BBC, the network was using pictures of Punjabi actors and personalities on fake accounts.

The report said that more than 80 fake accounts of Indian networks, which were created on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, have been shut down and social media has been used to spread the agenda of the Indian government.



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