Echoes of regime change in Pakistan have reached the US House of Representatives and the issue of the threatening letter is likely to be raised in the US Congress.

According to ARY News, a member of the US Congress has also raised his voice on the issue of alleged US conspiracy and threatening letter in the change of Imran Khan’s government in Pakistan and this issue is likely to be raised in the US Congress.

US Congressman Barry Lauder has said that the Biden administration’s role in regime change in Pakistan is a matter of concern.

The letter, written by Barry Lauder, said that former Prime Minister Imran Khan had been removed through a no-confidence motion and that Imran Khan had expressed concern over the US conspiracy to remove him.

The US Congressman added in his letter that Pakistan and the United States have a close relationship and that the United States is a strategic and military partner in South Asia and therefore is watching the changing situation at all times.

Barry Lauder also said that former President Trump and former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan are close friends and will continue to work for common interests.