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The Xiaomi Mi Watch connected watch drops in price on the official site. Discover and treat yourself to a smartwatch that follows you daily, analyzes your performance, monitors your health and helps you improve your physical condition. The Xiaomi Mi Watch is equipped with a 1.39 inch high-resolution screen and weighs only 32 grams, so that it is as light as possible on your wrist. You have the choice between 3 colors of bracelet and case. Personalize your connected watch even more thanks to its 100 styles of dials available. But more than that, the Xiaomi Mi Watch has a long battery life of 16 days, which allows you to travel and go on adventures without needing to carry a charger. The high-end GPS chip accurately records your movements, supports your positioning and records the number of kilometers you complete. Right now on the official Xiaomi website, the Mi Watch connected watch costs 109 euros instead of 149 euros.

Visit the official Xiaomi website to take advantage of this exceptional discount. The Mi Watch connected watch is the ideal ally for your outings and sports activities. It has 117 training modes including triathlon, swimming, HIIT, etc. The Firstbeat system accurately monitors and analyzes over 30 key points such as heart rate, speed, calories burned and tracks your daily performance. The watch automatically detects your movements so that every detail of what you are doing is not lost. She pauses when you stop. The Xiaomi Mi Watch also records the level of blood oxygen you have in order to check your state of health at any time.

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