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Congress workers were killed on the first day of filing nominations

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The 2023 panchayat election in West Bengal, India is no exception. The State Election Commission has announced the schedule of panchayat elections on Thursday. Submission of nominations of candidates has started from Friday. A Congress worker was killed on the first day of the election process.

A Congress activist Phulchand Sheikh (42) was murdered in Khargram of Murshidabad on Friday evening. He was a migrant worker by profession. Phulchand lived in Kerala. He came home a few days ago.

Eyewitnesses said that Phulchand was sitting in front of the house on Friday with the child in his arms. Suddenly, four miscreants on motorbikes came and started to fight. At that time Phulchand told them not to make trouble. Immediately, the miscreants threw away the baby in the arms. He was shot six times in a row from point blank range. He was taken to the hospital in a bloody state where he died shortly after. The victim’s family alleged that Phulchand was killed by miscreants supported by the ruling Trinamool Congress. However, the ruling party denied the allegations.

Meanwhile, the situation of dhundhuma is created in Raninagar of Murshidabad district even centered on the submission of nominations. Allegedly, when the CPIM workers of Raninagar Block 1 came to submit their nominations at the Islampur BDO office on Friday, the Trinamool workers stopped them. And then the CPIM workers chased the Trinamool workers with sticks. The temporary camp of Trinamool workers was demolished in front of the BDO office. It is also alleged that several motorcycles, tables and chairs were vandalized. The incident caused great excitement in the area. About 14 people were injured on both sides in the incident. The police came to the spot and handled the situation.

Murshidabad district has always been prone to political conflict. During the 2003 panchayat elections, 23 people were killed in political clashes at Domkal in Murshidabad. Bengal was witnessing a bloodbath in the last panchayat elections in 2018. Hundreds of leaders and activists of the ruling and opposition parties were killed in the post-election violence before the election. In such a situation, the opposition has moved to the demand of the central forces to hold peaceful elections without bloodshed.

BJP spokesperson Shamik Bhattacharya said, ‘Bloodless elections are not possible with this police, that’s why I called the central force. Central forces were required to be deployed in the state 7 days prior to nominations. An election begins with death. What can be more unfortunate than this!’

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