Congress approves impeaching Castillo

The Peruvian Congress approved this Friday to accuse former President Pedro Castillo and two of his ministers for alleged corruption and money laundering, which enables the Prosecutor’s Office to take criminal action against the former president.

“The congressional legislative resolution accusing Mr. Pedro Castillo, in his capacity as former president of the Republic, has been approved,” said the head of the Legislature, José Williams, after the vote that approved the proposal with 59 congressmen at favor, 23 against and three abstentions.

The document “declares the formation of criminal proceedings” against Castillo for being “the alleged perpetrator of the crimes of aggravated criminal organization, influence peddling and collusion.”

The prosecution’s thesis is that the ex-president directed a network of money laundering corruption and the awarding of public works contracts made up of his family and political environment.

The former Ministers of Transportation, Juan Silva, and of Housing, Geiner Alvarado, were also singled out by the vote in Congress.

During the debate, the left-wing benches defended Castillo’s role, alleging that he was accused in a process without evidence.

Castillo himself, invited to appear by videoconference before the plenary session of Congress to exercise his right to defense, requested that his presentation be in person, which was rejected by Parliament.

The former president has been detained in a Lima jail since December 7, accused of rebellion, after he tried to dissolve Congress and rule by decree. After that, the Legislature dismissed him and appointed Dina Boluarte.

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