Conflict with Russia, America’s important advice to Ukraine

The United States has advised Ukraine to start talks with Russia and said that it should try to work through negotiations until President Putin leaves power.

Another example of the US, which is known worldwide for its double standards and policies, has come up during the Russo-Ukraine war, where it appears to be encouraging Ukraine to resist Russia, but internally, it is supporting Ukraine. He is also suggesting negotiations with rival President Vladimir Putin.

Experts believe that the US is doing all this because it and Europe are facing a winter fuel shortage and it is trying to get out of the quagmire it is sinking into.

The American newspaper Washington Post has disclosed in a report that the United States has advised Ukraine in internal meetings to try to work through negotiations until President Putin leaves power.

Sources told the newspaper on condition of anonymity that the United States has told Ukraine that until the Russian president resigns from office, Ukraine should show itself ready for negotiations with the Russian president at all times and Stay engaged in negotiations.

According to the report, the American officials also informed their Ukrainian counterparts that Russian President Putin is not serious about the negotiations at the moment, but they also recognized that the closure of the talks between the presidents of the two countries would harm Europe, Africa and Latin America. There is concern in the US where the impact on food and fuel prices has been felt the most.

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