the future of Marcelino Garcia Toral in it Athletic Club of Bilbao every day it is more complicated given that the two pre-candidates for the presidency of the team have expressed their desire to sound out other coaches who will take the reins of the team next season. This leaves the Asturian coach in a bad situation and with a foot and a half out of the team, something that he does not see with bad eyes either.

According to the newspaper ACE, both Arechabaleta and Barkala have already spoken with the Asturian coach to explain the reason why it is not part of their plans and everything seems to indicate that they are going to have to find a new team for next season given that both pre-candidates for the presidency of Athletic They weigh other options for the San Mamés bench. In recent days there have even been rumors about the arrival of Mauricio Pochettino to the Bilbao team, although at the moment it seems only a rumor given that his situation at Paris Saint-Germain is still unclear and he is a coach who has a very high salary. high enough to fit in a club that wants to make salary cuts for next year.

It fits like a glove

The decision of these two candidates comes from pearls to Marcelino Garcia Toral, who was also seriously thinking about leaving Athletic Bilbao at the end of this season since, despite liking many things that he sees in the team, it does not seem that he can get much better competitive performance. His wish is to have the reins of a club that can fight to win the occasional title at the end of the season and now his agents are looking for one.


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