If there is someone who is excelling in the Espanyol Youth A, and asks for a clue to go to a big league, that’s the striker Matthew Joseph. The 17-year-old is right now the promise of the parakeet club, and from now on he is emerging as one of the most eye-catching attackers that Spain will have in the future. On England Leeds wants it, and they would have already applied to Chen Yansheng.

The contract of the young forward It ends next summer, and he already refused to sign a renewal. It seems that it is impossible for the talented attacker to stay in the parrot squad, so Vicente Moreno he’s somewhat disappointed. However, it is a good opportunity to put some money into the Catalan coffers.

The Valencian coach at the service of Espanyol, expressed his discomfort at not having the opportunity to have the promise for the following year. Vicente Moreno will be left with the desire to have had in his squad an exceptional player with enough talent to squander. However, he has taken the opportunity to ask the sports management to include a condition in the contract he will sign with Leeds.

If he cannot have the talent of Mateo Joseph, at least he wants the loan of Rodrigo Moreno, midfielder and current player of the English team. The coach has followed the Spanish-Brazilian since he played for Valencia, and has always highlighted him. Now that Espanyol will make the link with Leeds, he wants to take this opportunity to have it.

Since his arrival in the Premier League, midfielder Rodrigo Moreno has had good performances, especially in his debut. But this season, the player accumulates 8 games without scoring a single goal. Marcelo Bielsa has chosen to give the opportunity to other attackers, and the Spanish-Brazilian has been relegated to the bench.

The striker with a past at Valencia CF and Real Madrid Castilla, already knows the Spanish league very well, and would have no problem returning. It would also be for one or two seasons, while he refines again with the goal. If he accepts Leeds, the forward will join Espanyol in this winter market, and will reach his third Spanish team and the sixth in his entire sports career.


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