The Croatian has not closed his options but is aware that it will not be easy for the mattresses to be able to get his services

The entry of a new market is yet to occur, in such a way that the biggest clubs with the highest budget are those that are destined to undertake the greatest amount of movements. It is the case of Athletic, who undoubtedly has the obligation to recover lost ground, and for this he has believed in Ivan perisic, the great star of Inter de Milan.

Croatian winger from 32 years is shining in its passage through Italy, to the point of having left the stadium cheered yesterday in the triumph of his team on the fifth day of the group stage of the UEFA champions league. But since everything in life has a cost, and that of Perisic is that they free up the space. That means that it must be a starter and for that to happen it must come out at least one between Ferreira Carrasco and Thomas Lemar.

Athletic Perisic
The mattress club wants the services of Perisic

Apart from the nominal demands, Ivan Perisic asks Atlético to fulfill other additional wishes

At this point, the conditions are very important, but apart from that, the current contract must be taken into account. Perisic wants to earn more money, since Inter has offered to renew him for a long time, but lowering his record considerably. It will go on to earn 3 million euros and that in one way or another conditions.

Therefore Atlético has to improve that figure and give it a validity period of at least 3 seasons. Fair enough if you take into account the current level and the sacrifice with which he plays. Simeone is clear that he is a value that he needs, a player who understands what is at stake and who has a lot of tactical discipline.

Two other huge assets are still hot on their heels

To all the above we must add that Roma and Bayern Munich are on top. The Romans have in favor the weight of José Mourinho, who is a coach who has always trusted the Balkan. In fact, they have been based on their criteria and on the way they see sport in order to improve their conditions. His offer exceeds that of Inter by a million and everything indicates that he is positioned very well.


The Bavarians have a recent history with the player and would put that on the spit. There is also the fact that the player feels comfortable in the club and what they represent. Even the memory of his last success there is very fresh, which was precisely nothing more and nothing less than the UEFA Champions League.