Concludes filming of the film “Books & Drinks”

Less than a year since the producers Pablo Lozano and Andrés Rodríguez read the first script by Josep Ciutat, it has been the necessary time for the director Geoffrey Cowper to close the shooting of the Dominican feature film "Books & Drinks”.

Shot in less than a month between the United States and the Dominican Republic, the film includes Nashla Bogaert, Jackson Rathbone, Clara Lago and Héctor Aníbal as a luxury cast, seeking to highlight the Dominican Republic and its cultural and geographical beauty.

The plot of this romantic comedy centers on two characters: David, rational and phlegmatic, owner of a bookstore in New York, who discovers that his father, whom he thought was dead, has just died, leaving him a house in the Dominican Republic, and María, his feminine alter ego, who, due to her vital and emotional character, turns his life upside down and connects him with the idiosyncrasy of the Caribbean.

“The film is not only the love story between David and Maria, but it encompasses many other forms. The romantic, the passionate, the platonic, friendship as a form of love. And the love of food, music, literature, cinema, the sea, the land and above all, life”, says Andrés Rodríguez

"Books & Drinks", has been filmed mainly in the Dominican Republic, in the Colonial City, popular and bustling settings in the province of Santo Domingo Norte, and paradisiacal locations such as the beaches of Las Terrenas and Juan Dolió. In addition, some scenes have been shot in emblematic locations in New York.

“Geoffrey Cowper’s direction will be elegant, dynamic and always at the service of the story. Photography will be pampered and precious. The artistic direction, simple but colorful. As for the wardrobe, we want to create a unique wardrobe for María and turn her into a fashion icon”, points out Pablo Lozano and adds that Jenny Polanco’s atelier has also collaborated in the wardrobe department.

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The project is aimed, above all, at the international market, paying attention to what is known as the “Bermuda Triangle”, that is, the United States, Spain, and Latin America, and then to platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu. The film is circumscribed in Law 108-10 of cinema, for the promotion of cinematographic activity in the country, it has generated 100 direct and 100 indirect jobs for the Dominican Republic.

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