Comptroller says President is determined to show state money is well used

The Comptroller General of the Republic affirmed that there is a great crusade throughout the country to continue strengthening internal controls.

Félix Santana García expressed that despite the fact that according to article 25 of Law 10-07, of the Comptroller General of the Republic, each incumbent is responsible for faithful compliance with the internal controls of each of its institutions, despite this it does not exonerate to the Comptroller’s Office to follow up to avoid diversion of funds or their improper use.

The Comptroller spoke about the subject by leaving an Internal Audit Unit installed in the Dominican Electricity Transmission Company (ETED), following up on the cycle of inaugurations and establishment of the UAIs in different institutions of the non-financial public sector.

With this, there are 259 Audit Units

Intern in the public sector. “Our goal, God willing, is to reach 262 audit units before the end of the year, as a first stage. On other occasions we have said that our goal before the end of this government period will be about 400 units “said Santana Garcia.

“An internal audit unit is not a cuckoo, it is not to scare the official, but rather, so that he adheres to the proper use of State funds, through the control that must be applied in each of the institutions.

In addition, the Comptroller General of the Republic is always open 24/7 to provide guidance and advice that each incumbent requires,” he added.

“We are presenting the feeling, the interest of the President of the Republic to bring an internal audit unit to each institution, to at the same time facilitate their processes, the flow of money they should receive for their natural operations. Likewise, we are educating the official to make correct use of the funds,” he emphasized.

Meanwhile, the general administrator of ETED, Martín Robles Morillo, highlighted the importance of having an Internal Audit Unit in the entity, which contributes to regulating resources and facilitating internal processes.

“As I have already highlighted on other occasions, and the opportunity to reiterate it is propitious, transparency and ethics help to maintain the balance of societies, as an engine of conduct, countries are strong if they have solid and transparent institutions, since This is the only way to achieve true development and well-being for each citizen,” he said.

Also present at the activity were Katherine Cabral, financial director of ETED; Dionicio Félix Castro, Director of Internal Audit Units; Miguel Puentes, administrative director of the electric transmission company; Tomás Lorenzo Roa, legal, Remi Antonio Payano and other servers.

About audits

Comptroller Félix Santana stated that the audits that the audit and anti-fraud units are applying in all institutions have been being presented, as a way of verifying that public funds were well used.

“We have heard many conflicting opinions regarding the audits, but they are audits of our management, of the management chaired by Luis Abinader, not of the past, because the President is determined to demonstrate that in his management the money of the State, the money of the Dominican people is well applied, correctly applied, with transparency, so that there are no doubts tomorrow with indications that the people’s money was embezzled, diverted for other purposes,” he said.

ʺIf there is not a good security triangle in terms of internal controls, unfortunately we cannot feel satisfied that the roles that each incumbent of the different institutions must fulfill before the population that expects the resources to be returned through goods, services and works. The Comptroller General of the Republic is the right arm of the government’s internal control for the proper application of these resources,’ emphasized the Comptroller.

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