Dig, move, remove soil, level terrain with uneven …

are the classic missions of a company specializing in earthworks. We know

poorly required sharp technical skills, especially on certain sites

techniques and complexes in earthworks. To empty the earth up to 60 meters from

depth on an underground station construction site, dig a giant hole the size of

50 Olympic swimming pools or fill tunnels under a future tram line,

specific skills are required. The family business CAPOCCI, specialized

in earthworks and demolition, intervenes on these difficult sites.

In-depth knowledge of soils and subsoils

With sixty years of experience and an entrepreneurial spirit that promotes

transmission of skills and the acquisition of new know-how, CAPOCCI

has forged a detailed knowledge of the soils and subsoils of the Ile-de-France region. A

key skill to intervene with expertise on complex sites. Each

nature of the soil requires specific tools and machines and their

knowledge is also a matter of security. Just like the ability to analyze

weather conditions, and depending on the horizon, to postpone the work or to

look at them in a different way. The solid competence of machine operators

to carry out this work in accordance with the rules of the art and safety is also

essential. Again, training is the key.

Expertise on complex earthmoving and demolition subjects

The company CAPOCCI sets up, as part of a CSR policy (responsibility

corporate social responsibility), regular training of its employees. ” Our

greatest value is our human heritage. We really care about our mind

family business, which allows skills to be passed down through the generations

», Explains Asmaa Senhadji, the operational director of this Ile-de-France company.

created 60 years ago by the grandfather of the current leader. “We have, in our

workforce, employees who have worked with all three generations! », Continues the

leader. Expertise on these complex earthmoving and demolition subjects has

thus could be capitalized, transmitted and reinforced.

In-depth knowledge in the management of polluted soils

CAPOCCI has thus developed another essential expertise in the fields of

earthworks and demolition, namely the management of polluted soil and waste.

On complex sites, land management and its traceability is a dimension

fundamental, liable to give rise to criminal liability.

In this momentum, the company has also undertaken to diversify its activities through the

VRD and material recycling.

When they are extracted, the land, depending on its degree of pollution, is

sent to different landfills. Numerous cycle management analyzes

are necessary, in order to determine the pollution class of the earth and thus

drive to the right place. CAPOCCI specializes in complex projects in

earthmoving and demolition, currently has the largest service

independent of polluted sites and soils, with seven engineers including three doctors and more

six technicians.

Grand Paris Express construction sites

This strong expertise in demolition and earthworks allows it to intervene on

giant ultra-technical projects, alongside major players such as Eiffage or Vinci.

As part of the Grand Paris Express metro project, CAPOCCI is thus present

on almost all lines under construction (14, 15, 16, 17 and 18). It is to her that

we owe the complete deconstruction of 4 km of urban motorway and seven bridges in

as part of the extension of the T1 tramway in Ile-de-France. No less than 100,000 m3

of land have been moved! The company carries out between 50 and 60 projects per year, among

which, “punch” operations carried out in a short period of time,

such as building a bridge over an SNCF track in 48 hours.

Phone: +33 1 43 10 21 01


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