Complaint Against Bollywood Celebrities At Delhi Police Station Accused Of Revealing Rape Victim’s Name

A Delhi lawyer lodged a written complaint against 38 film personalities at the Sabzi Mandi Police Station in Delhi. Lawyer Gaurav Gulati has alleged that all these eminent personalities had exposed the identity of a rape victim on social media. Everyone put the name of the rape victim on social media in different ways, exposing her identity.

According to the complaint filed by lawyer Gaurav Gulati, film personalities put the name of the rape victim on social media. In 2019, a young woman was killed after the gang rape in Hyderabad. After the barbaric incident of rape and murder, a nationwide campaign was launched to punish the accused and for justice to be served as soon as possible. Meanwhile, these Bollywood celebrities had exposed the real name of the rape victim on social media through Twitter and other means. According to lawyer Gaurav Gulati, revealing the name of any rape victim on a public platform is a crime under section 288 of the Indian Penal Code.

Among the film personalities that the lawyer has written in his letter of complaint are also great film personalities such as Salman Khan, Abhishek Bachchan and Anupam Kher. Apart from Mumbai cinema, great personalities from the southern film industry also participate. The Sabzi Mandi police station has taken up the lawyer’s written complaint, but no action has been taken so far.


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