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Companies allow their employees to bring their dogs to the workplace

Companies allow their employees to bring their dogs to the workplace

Spending the day at the office with your dog is an idea that seems to be gaining ground in France. On the occasion of “Take your dog to work day”, understand “day when you bring your pet to the office”, which will take place on Friday June 24, dog owners are invited to come to their place of work in company of their canine friend.

The initiative that comes from the United States is gradually gaining ground in France and according to , some 23 companies have allowed the presence of their employees’ dogs in the workplace. “We are calling on companies to test and try this concept, in a reasoned and reasonable way of course,” says Magali Gavaret, communication and CSR director for Purina France, which manufactures animal products.

Dogs accepted in the offices must be “clean, sociable, up to date with their vaccines, have insurance… and take pleasure in meeting other dogs and other humans”, explains Magali Gavaret. By mutual agreement, employees and their management will establish areas where they can go and others not, such as the canteen.

Dogs improve the quality of life at work

According the 2022 barometer recently published by the Centrale Canine, 39% of French people would like dogs to be more accepted in their workplace. This figure even reaches 53% among those who own one. This trend, which is commonly observed in certain countries, particularly in the United Kingdom, is slowly taking hold in our country, driven by a change in mentality.

According a study from the University of Virginiain the United States, bringing your pet to your workplace increases the quality of life by allowing you to create a bond, but also to produce oxytocin and endomorphin just by looking at or touching them , hormones that help reduce the effects of stress.

However, few French employers today authorize this practice even when health and safety standards are respected. However, you should know that French law in no way prohibits taking your dog to your place of work, with the exception, however, of 1st category attack dogs since their presence is prohibited “in premises open to the public and in public places”.

Dog owners who wish to bring their canine companion to their place of work must nevertheless make the request to their employer and obtain the agreement of the corporate officers and their colleagues.


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