Communicator Mabel Henríquez is the winner of MasterChef Celebrity RD

After several months of effort and training, communicator Mabel Henríquez was crowned the winner of the third edition with celebrities of MasterChef Dominican Republic,

During the grand finale that was broadcast this Sunday, October 10, from 6 p.m. on Telesistema 11, Henríquez won against Ovandy Camilo and Tueska, who were in second and third place respectively, in a very closed definition as reflected by the jury made up of chefs Saverio Stassi, Inés Páez (Tita) and Leandro Díaz

Contestants had 120 minutes to prepare a complete menu demonstrating cooking techniques learned during these three months of competition.

Mabel won the grand finale, thanks to an exquisite preparation of a proposal for a three course menu: The starter, a burrata salad with prosciutto and arugula marinated with balsamic and truffle oil with walnuts; the main course was a large ravioli with egg yolk and spinach edges with cream cheese, also with truffle and a parmesan sauce and closed with a mixture of májarete, dulce de leche, mango and popcorn for dessert.

“Creativity, solidity and balance in the flavors, were three elements that accompanied me in the grand finale, I feel very honored to be the winner of this edition on behalf of the Jopéame Foundation,” she said.

The host of the program “Here we speak Spanish”, received an important monetary award for the charitable foundation Jopéame, for which she competed and also won the first and only crystal trophy made by the Colombian Mister Blin for the winner of the Dominican Republic.

The participants in this edition of MasterChef Celebrity 2021 were: Paloma Almonte, Ovandy Camillo, Giselle Mueses, Jandy Ventura, Christian Rizek, Vaca Loca, Ramón Tolentino, Tueska. Jesús Gil “Masa”, Irina Peguero, Maceo “the white dog” and Mabel Henríquez.

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