Commission of the Congress of Peru will investigate Castillo for alleged influence peddling

A commission of the Peruvian Congress agreed this Wednesday to investigate the president Pedro Castle in a case of alleged influence peddling, for which the prosecution also opened an investigation at the end of May.

"We have decided to move to the condition of being investigated to the president Pedro Castle with the purpose of point out possible criminal responsibilities in the report that we are going to issue"said the president of the Control Commission of the Congress, the opposition H├ęctor Ventura.

"The president has been summoned [como testigo] up to three times and has been reluctant [a comparecer]"Ventura added at a press conference when explaining the change from witness to investigated status.

Indeed, Castle He did not appear to testify as a witness in the three calls made by the parliamentary commission in recent months.

"There are great indications and revealing suspicions of alleged acts of corruption"indicated Ventura, of the Popular Force Fujimori party (populist right).

The prosecution included Castle in a case for the same case, on alleged crimes of influence peddling, criminal organization and aggravated collusion.

This is the research on the consortium "Tarata III Bridge"which seeks to determine whether a former Minister of Transport, six legislators, a former Secretary General of the Presidency and two nephews of Castle They were part of a supposed criminal network headed by the president to grant a public works contract.

The prosecution plans interrogate Castle June 17while those under investigation from the presidential environment are in hiding after a preventive detention order was issued against them.

Although Peruvian law prevents a president from being prosecuted while he is in power, this does not prevent investigations against him from advancing, the prosecution maintains.

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The leftist president ends his term in July 2026.

Castle stated on May 30 that the prosecution unleashed a "political persecution" against him in this case, but on Sunday he agreed to cooperate and denied any wrongdoing on his part.

"I am going to collaborate, I am going to attend the call of the prosecutor or other instances that have to do with the investigation"said the president during an interview with the state channel TV Peru, in which he ruled out any attempt to evade justice.

"Corruption will never splash me"emphasized the president, a 52-year-old rural teacher who has been in power for almost 11 months.

Meanwhile, the lawyer CastleBenji Espinoza, sought to block the investigation this Wednesday before a judge, appealing to the president’s immunity.

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