Commenting on the US President’s statement will be left to White House Spokesman: Vedant Patel

Washington: The Deputy Spokesperson of the US Department of State Vedant Patel has said that the US wants to see a safe and prosperous Pakistan.

According to the details, Vedant Patel, Deputy Spokesman of the US Department of State, said in the press conference that I leave the comment on the statement of the US President to the White House spokesperson, I must say that the US wants to see a safe and prosperous Pakistan.

He said that a safe and prosperous Pakistan is in the interest of America, we value long-standing relations with Pakistan.

The journalist asked why Pakistani Ambassador Masood Khan was summoned to the Foreign Affairs Department. Vedant Patel replied that meetings with Pakistani officials are routine, not commenting on private diplomatic meetings.

He said that many countries have been affected by terrorism including Pakistan, dealing with the threats of terrorism is in the common interests, they want a strong partnership with Pakistan on counter-terrorism.

“We expect action against all terrorists,” said a US State Department deputy spokesperson.

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