Barça will be the first in the regular league after beating Breogán (72-74) in a match in which they trailed for 39 minutes. A 22-point comeback, worked on after a forgettable first half and with a Breogán who took the game for a long time. Barça suffered from the wear and tear of the Euroleague and Breogán flew, spurred on by his publicbut after the break the roles were changed: the azulgranas grew hand in hand with Davies before a Breogán who was undone physically and mentally. They came in ahead at the last minute, but a Higgins basket sealed the comeback.

Modern basketball is based more and more on the outside shot and success, today more than ever, can be decisive in a game. It was at the beginning in the Breogán-Barça where the former started with great percentages while Barça missed the first eight triples. Jasikevicius’ men didn’t even give an assist in the entire first quarter, determined to shoot three. Back, in addition, they suffered a lot.

First of all for the triples (five of eight with three without Kalinoski’s failure) but also by Mahalbasic. Good minutes from Ubal and an unlikely triple at the buzzer underpinned Breogán’s first serious lead (29-15). The return of Higgins, who had not played since January 27, was the only positive note for the Barça side.

Barça scored three triples (two Abrines and one Smits) that seemed to appease Breogán, who conceded a partial of 2-9. But the locals, driven by a fantastic atmosphere, equalized the partial against (9-2) and they put the maximum on the scoreboard (37-24). Barça’s defense, very soft, made it easy for him. The very low success rates did not help. Not even the rebound kept the Catalans afloat. Breogán played at pleasure, submitting to Barça as if it were a minor team in a dreamy first half. The sinking culé was generalized (48-26).

Barça came out of the locker room more plugged in, more intense, aware that they already had only 20 minutes to compete in the match. They made the same fouls in three minutes as in the entire first half, they moved the ball better and gradually reduced the difference on the scoreboard. Sanli and Abrines added. In addition, Breogán shot worse. The electronic was at 66-52 with ten minutes to go. .

And Barça was unleashed. Partial 2-14, with a brilliant start to the fourth. Everything that he had done wrong during the match turned out right now. Davies dominated in the paint, Hayes defended like never before and Jokubaitis hit three. With Breogán now completely knocked out, the game was practically tied five minutes from the end (69-66).

Jokubaitis took responsibility but lacked success, while Mahalbasic missed pretty much everything he threw at it. The offenses in attack punished Breogán and unhinged the public, but they kept the lead. For very little (72-71) but they entered ahead at the last minute. Higgins, as if he had never left, scored the decisive basket.


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