Home Business Colvin closes a financing round of 6 million euros

Colvin closes a financing round of 6 million euros

Colvin closes a financing round of 6 million euros

Colvinthe company that is changing the flower and plant sector, It has just completed an internal financing round of €6 million with its current investors. The aim of this movement is to focus on the profitable growth of the company in the B2C model.

This capital increase is in addition to the 10 million euros in 2022 and “They provide Colvin with good liquidity for new challenges”explains its co-founder and co-CEO, Sergi Bastardas. The achieved goal of the investment round is a signal of support from our investors who are already in the company.

The company points the way to profitable growth

In late 2022, Colvin began a strategic shift toward a model focused on strengthening its B2C business and achieving sustainable, profitable growth. “We have had to make important decisions to get to where we are, from strategic changes to team changes, but also to achieve the goals we have to transform the company.”comment its founders.

Thanks to the measures taken, we were able to increase the unit contribution margin by 100% in just 12 months and reduce the fixed cost structure in all markets. Accelerate your path to profitable, long-term growth.

Colvin has reached a level of maturity where the strategy and leadership style will be different. For this reason, founders Sergi Bastardas and Andrés Cester have decided to begin the search for a new CEO in this new phase of profitability. “It is time to think long-term about sustainable and profitable growth.” the founder’s comment

“For our part, we remain committed to Colvin’s success and will continue to engage as shareholders and directors, bringing to bear all of our experience and knowledge to ensure we achieve all of our objectives with Colvin.”. Until we decide on this profile, we as founders will continue to manage the day-to-day operations of the company.

Growth and market leadership

The company’s plan for the coming years is to continue profitable and sustainable growth while building on the pillars that define Colvin. To achieve this, the company continues to work on improving logistics, marketing and product offerings.

“The online flower consumption market continues its rapid digitalization. “We are well positioned to continue to capture this value and become the leading brand in Spain, Italy, France and Portugal.” concludes Sergi Bastardas.

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