ColorOS 13.1: prepare your OPPO smartphone for the news of Android 13

The ColorOS 13 interface update has been gradually rolled out to most of the supported OPPO smartphones and devices since the end of 2022. In the meantime, we have a new cumulative update, the Color OS 13.1 which promises to elevate the user experience, is also based on the operating system Android 13 from Google.

That being said, throughout the month of May, and certainly through June, we have quite a list of OPPO smartphones receiving this very system update.

The calendar has already been made public by the Chinese manufacturer itself through its social networks, so we can classify it as official information.

List of smartphones that will receive ColorOS 13.1 in May 2023

Starting May 4

  • OPPO Find X3

As of May 11

  • OnePlus 11 (in China)

Starting May 12

  • OnePlus 9R (in China)
  • OnePlus 8T (in China)
  • OPPO Reno 9 Pro+
  • OPPO Reno8

Starting May 15

  • OPPO pad
  • OPPO Pad Artist Limited Edition
  • OPPO Reno6
  • OPPO Reno6 Pro

Starting May 16

  • OPPO Reno 9 Pro
  • OPPO Reno8 Pro+

Starting May 17

  • OPPO Reno7 Pro
  • OPPO Reno8 Pro
  • OPPO Reno7 Pro League of Legends Limited Edition
  • OPPO Reno6 Pro+
  • OPPO Reno6 Pro+ Conan Limited Edition
  • OnePlus Ace 2V (in China)
  • OnePlus Ace 2 (in China)

Starting May 18

  • OnePlus Ace Pro (in China)
  • OnePlus Ace Pro Yuanshen Limited Edition (in China)
  • OPPO Reno7 SE

Starting May 22

  • OPPO Reno5 Pro+ Artist Limited Edition
  • OPPO Reno5 Pro+

As of May 23

  • OPPO K10 Pro

Starting May 24

  • OPPO Ace2 EVA Limited Edition
  • OPPO Ace2

Starting May 25

  • OPPO Find N2 Flip
  • OPPO Find X2 Pro
  • OPPO Find X2 Pro Lamborghini Edition
  • OPPO Find X2, OPPO Reno7
  • OPPO Reno7 New Year Edition
  • OPPO Reno5 Pro, OnePlus Ace Racing Edition
  • OPPO Find X2 League of Legends S10 Limited Edition

Starting May 26

  • OPPO Reno9

Starting May 29

  • OnePlus 8 (in China)
  • OnePlus 8 Pro (in China)

It should be noted that this is the schedule announced for China, as is apparent from the ColorOS distribution also for OnePlus smartphones. However, for Europe, this schedule should not present extraordinary differences.

By the way, keep in mind the previous schedule for the month that is now ending, published by OPPO itself on its western social networks.

Finally, at the moment we do not have access to the actual list of changes, the Change Logso we do not know the scope of possible improvements and optimizations of the system.

Like the Autobots, we are implementing… our #ColorOS13 update timeline 📷 Save the dates! 📷

— ColorOS (@colorosglobal) April 3, 2023

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