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Colón, Peña and Sánchez win at the start of the Triple 100 Cycling

Colón,Peña y Sánchez ganan en el inicio del Ciclismo Triple 100

Eduardo Colón, Franklin Peña and Ricardo Sánchez emerged with flying colors this Friday at the opening of the Triple 100 Cycling Classic, an event that took place on Circunvalación Avenue, in the vicinity of Higuero.

Colon, representative of DrinksTeam, prevailed in category C, after traveling the 100 kilometers of the test in a time of 2 hours: 24 minutes and 55 seconds, being seconded in the test by Domingo Camarena, from the Master Cycle, who arrived a second later .

The third step corresponded to Juan Pimentel, from Ciclo Master, who arrived at two seconds. The fourth place went to Ramón Adames, from DrinksTeam, who also arrived at two seconds.

On his side, Peña from JS Cycle won top honors in the Master D, after traveling the distance in time of 2:37; 18, with Lorenzo Faña, from AC Trainiing occupying second place, Francisco Muñoz, from Cocuyos Cycling was third and Rafael Tejada, from Inteja, finished fourth.

While in Recreativa the main honors went to Ricardo Sánchez from Relentless, who covered the distance in time of 2:26, ​​39, the second position went to Juan Matos, from Sidaritas Road; Reynaldo Mercedes, also from Sidaritad, was third and Alfred Cid, from Puerto Plata, finished fourth.

The Triple 100 is the event that closes the doors of the three great competitions in the master category that are held in the Caribbean area, which are joined by Panama and Cuba. The latter have about 8 years of celebration, while the Triple 100 reaches its 21st anniversary.

Some 300 riders from nations such as Spain participate in the fair. Puerto Rico, Colombia, Cuba, United States, Uruguay, Argentina, Dominican cyclists residing in the United States, as well as members of the national teams that belong to Drink Team, Inteja, Mortero, Montecchi, Poco Force, Instaladores, Cocuyos, VMC Racing Team, Ciclo Master, Team La Vega, R2R Cycling Team, Aero Cycling Team, Tele Cable Central among others.

Today’s stage

The second stage will also take place in the vicinity of Higuero and also will travel the town of Bambuses, will arrive at the Toll and the finish line will be in the Higuero.


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